The Martian Trust

It's Time for a New Space Programme.

Turning Curiosity into Reality

"We may all be worms in the sewer by the road, but some of us still must gaze up at the stars."

- Liu Cixin, The Three-Body Problem

NZ Membership Drive

This way to mars

In deciding its programme of projects, The Martian Trust is bound by the scientifically possible and the technologically attainable. Science must have a voice within The Martian Trust for the Trust to be credible. This voice will come through Affiliated Research Institutes.


A natural partnership

Scientists are popular speakers and writers. Hundreds of thousands of thoughtfully curious laypeople attend public lectures, millions watch science media. Higher income individuals donate money to research institutions and the very wealthy establish research institutions.


Guiding Lights

An Affiliated Research Institute (ARI) is chartered to study a field of science or technology that is applicable to the establishment of a self-sustaining research settlement on Mars. When a member donates money to an ARI, the ARI sends a percentage to The Martian Trust, and those funds are credited to the member’s stake.

Informing & engaging

In return for sharing donations, an ARI receives a seat in the Senate of The Martian Trust and a Senate vote weight in proportion to the funds it has sent to the Trust. That’s the ARI’s official role in Governance. An ARI will produce informative media to sell and to attract donations. It will engage in the Community’s internal discussions. Produced media and Community engagement are an ARI’s unofficial roles in Governance.


We have the curiosity. Let’s put it to good use.