The Martian Trust

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Membership in The Martian Trust
You are joining the membership of The Martian Trust (the Trust), which is a charitable trust incorporated in New Zealand.
A charitable trust does not have beneficial owners; thus, you will never have any personal claim to any funds held by or for the charitable trust.
Your formal role in the governance of the charitable trust is exercised through your stake.  Your stake is a record of the funds deposited with the trust that are attributable to you.  The trust deed of The Martian Trust (searchable here: specifies the circumstances and processes through which members can vote their stakes.  It is important to understand that members vote as stakeholders and that different members will have stakes of different sizes; namely, the significance of members’ votes will vary by stake size.
Your full role in the community of The Martian Trust will be determined by your interactions with other members.  In interacting with other members, you are required to abide by the Code of Conduct of The Martian Trust, a separate document to which you must agree to become a member.
The use of information that you provide to the Trust, and information gathered by the Trust through your involvement with any online or other activity to which the Trust is a party, will be covered by the Privacy Policy of The Martian Trust.
The governing document of the Trust is its trust deed (searchable here:  In all matters, the Trust will abide by its trust deed, in particular in interactions with the membership.  By extension, the trust deed is made a part of these terms & conditions.
The management of the Trust will employ best practices, as it understands these, to maintain secure and stable operations of all online and other services and facilities though which the membership interacts with the Trust.  You use any and all such services and facilities at your own risk.  The Trust does not provide any warranty, express or implied, with regard to any such services or facilities.
The Trust is not responsible for any act or behaviour by any member or third party.  Should the Trust become aware of any potentially illegal act or behaviour, the management of the Trust may inform the appropriate enforcement authority.  Should the Trust become aware of any potential violation of the Code of Conduct, the management of the Trust will examine the potential violation and act accordingly.
The Trust is governed under the laws of New Zealand.  All disputes between a member and the Trust, that cannot be resolved by good faith discussions between the parties, will be resolved under New Zealand law in a New Zealand court or by other third party dispute resolution in New Zealand.