The Martian Trust

It's Time for a New Space Programme.

From Millions of Possibilities, one Reality

"Utopia was here at last: its novelty had not yet been assailed by the supreme enemy of all Utopias -- boredom."

- Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood's End

NZ Membership Drive

This way to mars

Imagine a world in which a trillion dollars was available to build a Mars settlement. Would we know the perfect Mars settlement to build? Of course not! We’re humans. Whenever a decision must be made by more than one of us, differing opinions, values, and emphases require some sort of governance to resolve a path forward.


Out of Many, one

Part of the magic of The Martian Trust is that it raises money by benefiting from millions of members exploring and enjoying millions of different variations on the general themes of space exploration, space science, and humanity at Mars. Turning this community of rich experience into a specific programme of projects is the role of governance.


Bringing Focus, Arriving at Sound Decisions

Each member builds a voting stake based on the money he or she has provided to the Trust. Votes of these stakes elect Trustees. Stake voting also approves or rejects project proposals made by the Trustees. The Senators who represent Affiliated Research Institutes then concur or veto. That’s the governance process that leads to a decision to spend the Trust’s money. A multitude of competing proposals, campaigns, and media feed the ebb and flow of governance, and all of it generates revenue into the Trust.

Epic: dreamING that leads to reality

The only reasons for Mars that matter are ones that have sufficient money behind them to become real. The Martian Trust is a way for those interested in Mars to decide the reasons for Mars simultaneously with raising the money to realise those reasons. This won’t be utopian, but along with boring, utopias aren’t real. The Martian Trust will make humanity at Mars real, and it won’t be boring, it’ll be epic.

Scattered and bickering, we’ll accomplish nothing. United, we’ll put humanity on Mars, though we’ll still bicker some.