The Martian Trust

It's Time for a New Space Programme.

Debut Plan

The Martian Trust is a charitable trust board incorporated in New Zealand. The Trust includes a membership, which is open to anyone who agrees to and abides by our Code of Conduct. Beginning in mid-December 2017, membership registration will be available through the Chronicles blog site.

Key Concept of The Martian Trust: Space exploration critically needs a true demand side and space enthusiasts are the long-term best source of that demand.

A true demand side means the money to buy something and the discretion needed to shape what’s supplied for that money. For The Martian Trust to amass the money needed so that its members can be a true demand side for humanity on Mars, space enthusiasts must transition from spectators of exploration to participants in the crafting of exploration.

During 2018, The Martian Trust will develop an immersive, storytelling environment that’s focused on exploring innumerable paths to Mars and resolving a Prime Path for the Trust. This undertaking – codenamed Project Spacebook – is introduced in the linked presentation below and will be a prime topic on the Chronicles blog site.

In concert with the development of Project Spacebook, the concepts of The Martian Trust will be mainstreamed in the specialty press, at space exploration gatherings, and on social media.


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