The Martian Trust

It's Time for a New Space Programme.

Be part of making the future

"But it doesn’t take a thousand men to open a door, my lord.”

“It might to keep it open.”

- Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

NZ Membership Drive

This way to mars

Humanity’s place among the stars is not assured, no one person nor any one country can guarantee it. Just as with the Moon, humans could travel to Mars, return, and generations might pass before anyone again leaves Earth orbit. With an engaged community of millions at its core, The Martian Trust will keep the door open.


We Must be a community

Each member builds a stake, with which he or she participates in Governance. That is an important process, but it doesn’t make a community of the members. Engagement, involvement, and shared investment make a community. The Martian Trust creates an environment where the members will play together, create together, argue fiercely, and resolve enough of their differences to remain together.


Playing & learning

The main revenue generators of the Trust support a lively community. Through commercial co-branding, members will be able to choose innumerable ways to experience their space enthusiasm, and share this with others. Through Affiliated Research Institutes, members will learn and teach and find paths from unknowns to knowns. Commerce and curiosity are big parts of community.

Internal media: our community’s heart

Within the community, members will create, share, and sell media of their own. Blogs, games, podcasts, dramas, election campaigns, project simulations … any and all forms of digital media will be hosted on a non-profit Internal Press or a for-profit media Sandbox. Internal Media will be accessible to members only. This will be the town hall and the central market of the community, where connections are strongest and interactions most intense.



building & sharing influence

Internal Media will be bought and sold using an internal currency called Cowries. Members receive Cowries in proportion to their stakes. Members with a lot of Cowries can be major producers of Internal Media, but may also donate Cowries to other members who could benefit from media access if they had more Cowries. By connecting Internal Media to stakes, the heart of our community is tied to the revenue streams that enable members to open the door to the future and keep it open.

There’s always a reason to stop. We won’t.