The Martian Trust

It's Time for a New Space Programme.

It's Time for a New Space Programme.

Life expands. Can Mars be part of this? Has Mars already been part of this? The Martian Trust will answer these questions by placing a research base on Mars. Whatever the answers, humanity’s expansion will have begun.

NZ Membership Drive

This way to mars

We are a transnational, charitable trust that will place a huge membership of space enthusiasts at the center of a system of commerce, exploration, and industry. Our members will engage their interests and invest their dreams in a community that will put humanity on Mars.


We Have the money

The Martian Trust will raise the money and buy the projects that result in a self-sustaining research settlement on Mars. Space enthusiasts – from scientists to science fiction fans, from engineers to artists – will be the source of this money. The annual consumer spending of space enthusiasts exceeds $1 trillion. A small fraction of this can establish humanity on Mars if those providing the money are engaged and invested in the process.

More Choices, better Solutions

The supply-side of space exploration is changing, and changing dramatically. The Martian Trust is a radical restructuring of the demand-side. A pure buyer – apolitical and unaligned with any corporation – The Martian Trust will choose from the full range of technical solutions and write commercial contracts that focus on outcomes rather than where the money is spent.

Our new home.

It’s time to go

We’ve all gone to Mars. Writers, scientists, moviemakers – storytellers all – have taken us there. The Martian Trust is a trust fund for Martians, real and virtual. It’s the way for millions of space enthusiasts to buy humanity’s second home. This will be fun, epic, and is eminently doable.

This is not your parents’ space programme.